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Heavyweight Conveyor Belting

ECS has developed a comprehensive range of heavyweight belts, which includes ply, solid woven and steel cord belt which are marketed under the ‘Fenner’, ‘Dunlop’ and ‘Fenner-Dunlop’ brands. ECS belts provide users with the lowest lifecycle cost for the reliable operation of conveyors.

The type of belt used depends upon the specific operating environment (for example, whether above or below ground) and the materials being handled, which include coal, hard rock ores (such as iron or copper), other minerals, concrete, aggregates, forest products and grain.

As part of its strategy to increase sales to the industrial segments of the conveyor market, ECS has launched its “Patriot X” range of belts, which provide ECS’s US customers with domestically manufactured belts for light to medium industrial applications. A similar range named “Ultra” is being launched in Europe.

Alongside its range of belts, ECS also manufactures and supplies related components necessary for the efficient operation of a conveyor system, such as pulleys, rollers, idlers and cleaners.

ECS supplies heavyweight belting to its customers from its network of strategically located factories across the world.


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Conveyor Services

ECS is a world leader in the provision of conveyor services to mines and to the operators of material handling facilities such as ports. ECS has the capabilities to offer a comprehensive range of services including belt monitoring, maintenance, design and installation.

Conveyor services are focused on those customers for which the provision of services is strategic to the belt purchase decision.

ECS provides conveyor services to its customers through a network of service centres situated close to customers’ locations.


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Advanced Sealing Technologies, the largest product area in AEP, supplies high specification seals for use in a variety of performance critical applications.

CDI designs and manufactures high-performance custom seals for both the conventional and unconventional segments of the upstream oil & gas industry. CDI has developed seals which are capable of withstanding the higher pressures and flow rates associated with lateral drilling which is being increasingly utilised to increase cost effectiveness of oil & gas extraction.

EGC produces seals and other wear products for use in fluid handling applications within oil & gas, chemical processing and other industries.

Hallite is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of seals and sealing solutions used in hydraulic cylinders and other fluid power applications supplying OEM and other customers from its international network of facilities.


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Medical Components & Devices

Solesis Medical Technologies supplies components to OEMs in the life sciences industry, with particular emphasis on implantable biomedical device technologies and single use disposables. Solesis Medical Technologies comprises Secant Group ® and Charter Medical.

Secant Group ® provides advanced biomaterials and biomedical textile structures to the medical device industry. The company partners with medical device OEMs to design, develop, and manufacture high-performance structures for a range of medical applications; particular product areas include endovascular stent grafts and neurovascular aneurysm repair.

Charter Medical designs and manufactures custom single-use solutions for biological fluid handling, cell growth and frozen storage to the cellular therapy, medical device and bioprocessing industries.

Elsewhere within AEP, AIP uses its expertise in precision machining of polymers in order to supply certain highly complex devices for use in medical applications.


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Technical Textiles

Precision Polymers has developed a range of products using natural fibres, artificial fibres and wires which it has the capability to weave, knit and braid. These products range from low-friction fabrics for self-lubricated bearings, slip clutches and drag brakes, to filters and lightweight parabolic reflectors; all are used in highly specialised and demanding applications.

Secant Group ® has established Secant Technical Materials to explore applications for its technology which exist outside the medical industry to provide next generation material and textile solutions for space, energy, filtration and various industrial markets.


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Belts & Elastomeric solutions

Through a network of R&D, polymer, textile and application engineers, AEP businesses design and supply high-quality belts and elastomeric solutions.

Precision Polymers supplies an extensive range of light-duty belts and accessories, such as PowerTwist, Eagle and T-Max, which are essential to the efficient operation of packaging systems and distribution centres; all products have proven track records of decreasing maintenance downtime and improving efficiency.

Precision Polymers also offers a full line of mini-pitch synchronous timing belts, multi-V belts, stretch and other flat belts; rollers and drums using specially formulated polyurethane; and silicone tyres. Applications include printing, ticketing, ATMs, office automation, robotics and pick-and-place.

Other elastomeric products range from micro-engineered components to manufacturing on a massive scale; examples include seismic protection for buildings and other infrastructure, gangway materials for trains and hovercraft skirting.


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Precision Polymers, through its James Dawson business in the UK and China, engineers advanced silicone and rubber industrial hoses for coolant, air charge and exhaust systems within high-performance diesel engines and for other challenging applications.

Mandals supplies a wide range of lay-flat hoses for traditional applications including irrigation, drinking water, dewatering, slurry and fire protection; Mandals also supplies hoses into the US unconventional oil & gas industry for use in hydraulic fracturing.

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High Performance Polymer Components

Drawing upon their accumulated expertise in polymer engineering and precision manufacturing, AEP businesses supply a wide range of precision components for use in performance critical applications. These components are often developed to meet specific engineering challenges faced by AEP’s customers, many of which are the leading OEMs in their industries; they are made from an extensive range of polymers and elastomers, with manufacturing processes that include moulding, extrusion and high-precision machining.

Particular examples include wear components for pumps and valves used in oil & gas and other fluid handling applications; elastomeric solutions for aerospace, transportation and other specialist industrial customers; and a range of components used in power generation.


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