Advanced Engineered Products

AEP is a group of related growth businesses that use advanced polymeric materials and technical expertise to provide high value-added solutions to its global business customers.

AEP comprises three related product groups: Advanced Sealing Technologies; Precision Polymers; and Solesis Medical.

The common themes across AEP’s businesses are:

  • Performance-critical niche products
  • Proprietary technology and manufacturing expertise
  • Small relative purchase for customer
  • Continuous product development
  • High margin businesses

Advanced Sealing Technologies

CDI Energy Products

Custom seals for oil & gas (conventional/unconventional)

CDI is an important provider of performance-critical seals to the conventional and unconventional oil & gas industries; continued investment in material sciences and product development has enabled CDI to meet the increasingly stringent demands of the US fracking industry and thereby strengthened its market positions.


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EGC Critical Components

Seals and other components for fluid handling (including oil & gas)

EGC designs, engineers, and manufactures performance-critical components, such as wear products, seals and connectors, for use in pumps, valves and compressors in order to provide innovative, high-performance solutions for fluid handling within a variety of industries including oil & gas, chemical processing, nuclear, aerospace and defence, semiconductor and medical equipment.


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Seals for fluid power

Hallite designs and manufactures seals for fluid power applications, such as construction equipment.

Hallite is an international business with operations in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, China, Australia and India.

Through product and service innovation in response to the changing needs of its OEM customer list, Hallite’s sealing products have consistently set new benchmarks across a wide range of applications and in many countries.


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AIP Precision Machining

High-precision polymer components

AIP manufactures polymer and composite components to extreme tolerances (less than .002 mm); such components are for use in aerospace, the medical industry and oil & gas.

AIP’s approach combines material knowledge with advanced machining and manufacturing processes in order to solve customers’ greatest engineering challenges.


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Lay-flat hoses

Mandals develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of advanced polymer and elastomer cased lay-flat hoses used for fluid transfer.

Mandals hoses are used in agricultural and industrial applications in Europe and the Americas. Mandals lay-flat hoses are also used in the unconventional oil & gas industry to transport water to/from fracking sites.


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Precision Polymers

Precision Polymers US

Elastomeric solutions; belts for power transmission and motion control.

Precision Polymers US designs and manufactures added-value, problem-solving products for power transmission, motion transfer and conveying applications.

Precision Polymers also provides OEMs with engineered elastomeric solutions in the automation, digital equipment and motion control industries.


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Precision Polymers UK

Elastomeric solutions; specialist hoses; belts for motion control

Precision Polymers UK provides engineered elastomeric solutions for OEMs in automation, construction and transportation.

It also supplies high-performance, complex hoses to manufacturers and users of diesel engines, specialised vehicles and off-road equipment.


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Solesis Medical

Secant Group

Biomedical textile components and biomaterials

Secant Group ® provides advanced biomaterials and biomedical textile structures to the medical device industry. The company partners with medical device OEMs to design, develop, and manufacture high-performance structures for a range of medical applications.

Secant Group has a strong and growing product pipeline with new devices reaching the commercialisation stage. Secant Group’s development of biomaterials is centred on its bioresorbable resin technology, Regenerez®, which serves as a platform for regenerative medicine.


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Charter Medical

Custom single-use medical devices

Charter Medical designs and manufactures custom single-use solutions for biological fluid handling, cell growth and frozen storage to the cellular therapy, medical device and bioprocessing industries.

It is developing a range of products for use in cell therapy applications and has established a significant number of commercial relationships with developers of potential treatments in this field.


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