Why it matters to Fenner

Fenner is a global business, operating in many diverse locations. We recognise that fostering good relations with those communities is in the long-term interests of the Group. Providing employment opportunities, paying taxes and engaging in charitable initiatives help to ensure we make a positive impact in local communities. As part of the Group’s decision making processes, we always consider the potential social and environmental consequences that our business activities may have on local communities.

What policies and practices are in place?

Our support for the communities in which we operate is driven at a local rather than Group level, as we believe that the people who live and work within local communities are best placed to understand and represent the interests of those communities. Operations support and enhance employee efforts through application of Group resources.

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Career Opportunities

Fenner companies use their websites to advertise job opportunities locally, link to our global locations map for a comprehensive overview of our operations and their contact information

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